Wanna Make Him Swoon? Here’s How…

  • Ask him to teach you something – it really doesn’t matter what it is. Most men like to be empowered and when a woman defers to their knowledge or expertise it makes them feel “smart”. So even if you don’t think there is anything you can learn from your man, ask him for his help (especially if it involves him working with his hands).
  • Have an interest in sports – what man doesn’t watch sports? While you may not want to sit & watch the entire game with him, it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit about his favorite sport. Ask questions, watch a game or two & maybe even wear some sports gear around him. It’ll make his day! 
  • Smile at him – men love it when women smile at them. It means they “did something right”, which always boosts a man’s ego. It also makes a woman look 100% better when she smiles.
  • Catch him by surprise – try something fun, like putting an ice cube down his back or squeezing him around the waist. These types of playful activities not only lighten up the mood, they also help create intimacy. Things can get stale in a relationship but when you are playful, he is more likely to be playful right back! 
  • Be friends with his friends – it’s always nice when different groups of friends can hang out together. Being comfortable hanging out with his friends & even getting to know them (and their girlfriends too) might actually show your man how into him you are.
  • Tease him – who likes to be teased?! No one, but when it’s done in jest (like when you stick your tongue out at him while he’s talking, or you have funny nicknames for each other) then it’s okay. Guys “tease” each other all the time, so when you do it to him he’ll just think you’re one of the guys. 
  • Nurse his wounds – contrary to popular opinion, men have feelings too. When a guy’s feelings get hurt or his ego is wounded, his woman should be the one to help make him feel better. Ladies, when he comes to you for comfort be there for him & he’ll want to continue to come back to you again & again for your support.


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