He IS My ‘End Game’

I just went to my first Taylor Swift concert, ya’ll. A friend of mine had some good seats, I mean great seats & an extra ticket so I went with her. We sat up in a box seat & were served food and drinks all night long. Before the concert started we mingled with the other VIP guests and took our seats once the show began. It was the perfect evening – the weather was clear and the show went off without a hitch.

“Revolution” is Taylor Swift’s 5th tour & she sang most of the songs on her album plus a few throwbacks. All in all, the concert lasted about two hours but one of the songs that really stood out to me was “End Game”. Here’s the chorus:

I wanna be your endgame
I wanna be your first string;
I wanna be you’re A Team
I wanna be your endgame, endgame


As I was singing along with Taylor, I thought about the men in my life & my own end game. What was my ‘end game’? What do I hope to accomplish by dating? Was I looking for love? Commitment? Attention?

I knew that I wanted to be in a healthy, fulfilling relationship but what about after that? Where should my relationship lead to?

Well, I knew that I wanted a healthy & happy relationship that would eventually led to marriage. After all, what’s the point of just dating forever & forever? My end game when it comes to men is to be a wife to the right man & be in a long-lasting, healthy and (mostly) happy marriage.  I want to be a man’s helpmeet (read Genesis, ya’ll if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and have a flourishing marriage that can be a testimony to others who are looking to do the same.

So, any man that I choose to be with better understand that if he treats me right – he will be my “end game”.

What is your end game when it comes to relationships?!


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