He’s Looking For A Springtime Boo!

Brazilian models

I just had a blast from the past!

A guy that I dated a while ago (someone I had to dismiss, which is a whole other story), recently reappeared in my life. I had already deleted his number so I didn’t recognize his text message when he first reached out to me, so I didn’t respond in a favorable way. He called me & when I answered he told me that he had been thinking about me & missed me. While I found all of this very flattering, I quickly remembered why he & I had stopped talking. We discussed the chain of events that led to us no longer talking, when he told me that he wanted another chance.

Before, he worked a lot and never gave me his undivided attention. He never made me feel special, so for those reasons I told him that I didn’t want to see him anymore. He stopped contacting me & we both moved on. But for some reason, he reached out to me again after several months, asking for me to give him another chance.

After asking me if I was still single, I told him that despite what was going on in the present, he never made up for what happened in the past. He told me that things had changed for him – his entire situation, from his job to his living arrangements were different. He knows that I don’t owe him anything, but still wanted to take me out anyway – as a way of making amends. I asked him “Why now?”. And guess what he told me? He said because Spring is coming up it would be nice to have someone. Someone to do things with, go places with & see things with. Although most people want to be single as the weather warms up, here he is looking for someone to enjoy the warm weather with.

I thought this was very interesting – he wanted someone to experience things with, and instead of finding someone new, he wanted a reboot with me before the Spring & not in spite of it.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to get with someone (or back with someone), just because of the change in weather?!

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