#MondayMotivation: New Habits!

Every year, it’s the same story. We all start to wonder why the perfectly natural and common experience of getting stuck in our routine feels so dirty. Why do we ALL think that we’re the only ones who struggle with being stagnant? And why are our natural responses to self-inflicted problems that of self-isolation, self-flagellation, and avoidance of the very types of community that would help us to move gracefully to complete our goals? I hear the same two themes over & over again:

  • I am hopelessly stuck!

    – OR –

  • I feel___________ (angry, guilty, ashamed, frustrated, afraid, and/or depressed) about my lack of productivity.

As difficult as these conversations are, there are people who have participated in accountability groups and staying connected to communities of support that help to get them through the tough times. As a result, they’re able to gush about their completed projects, new-found free time as well as the unexpected little blessings that come along that occurred as a result of their productivity. These individuals are energetic, engaged, empowered, and dare I say, happy about their progress, and they’re excited to start anew.

The difference between my typical conversations and the celebratory ones I have with productive people is so striking that I want you to feel inspired to 1) stay closely connected to your intellectual projects, 2) create time each day for your personal goals and 3) exert your personal power in the areas of your professional life where you DO have control. If you’ve already achieved this, feel free to “like” this post & share this message with others who may find it useful. [Thanks in advance!]

How About A Fresh Start?
Because the beginning of any year/month/week is filled with fresh starts, I want to encourage you to make this week a fresh new beginning in your relationship with your personal goals. The best way to do so is by letting go of all the negative and debilitating feelings associated with what you have NOT done in the past. Guilt, disappointment, and frustration aren’t useful energies to draw on as you move forward. Instead, try forgiving yourself and moving on. In other words, instead of beating yourself up, let’s use all that energy to accept that creating success can be a slow and time-consuming process, create an achievable strategic plan and connect to whatever supportive community will meet your needs.

I hope this Easter week brings you a fresh start, clarity about your goals, and a new spirit of confidence to move forward!

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