Dating Really Is Just A Numbers Game

I’ve heard this expression before & at first I didn’t believe it. After all, there are some people who get married after only dating a handful of people and some are even lucky enough to marry their very first love (like their college sweetheart), so how could dating truly be a numbers game?! Some are fortunate enough to meet “the one” with very few dates, while others of us struggle to meet anyone at all (let alone someone who is marriage material). It’s really rough out there & unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.

But according to some experts, the more people you date the more likely you are to come across someone that might actually stick. Mathematically this makes sense, so I don’t see anything wrong with dating as much as you can until you find one to settle down with (notice, I didn’t say sleep with). Some may hang on longer than others, but eventually all the ones who aren’t supposed to stick around get weeded out.

This happened to me recently. I went out with a guy who I thought had real potential. He was really tall (taller than me with heels on), smart, ambitious, well-spoken, clean shaven, in shape, had a nice haircut & smooth skin. He was definitely my type! We met a few weeks prior to us going out and he was persistent in getting me to go out with him. My schedule was hectic & his schedule was hectic not to mention we lived on opposite sides of the city. When we were finally able to connect, I got a little excited when the time came to actually see him.

The day of, everything went great. We met, we ate, we drank & we talked. We talked about a lot of different subjects from work to hobbies, from family to college for over 2 hours. But when I mentioned church, he got quiet. When I talked about being a Christian & mentioned something in the Bible, he said “Oh, I wouldn’t know. I’m not a Christian.” Although I didn’t show my reaction to this news, I knew instantly we would not be going out on another date again.

I don’t believe in a Christian dating a non-Christian. With so many people “proudly” stating that they aren’t Christians, it’s a little easier to weed out the men I cannot date. This way I don’t have to waste time on dating someone who doesn’t share my values. So, while there are other attributes that would cause me not to go out with someone again, I just have to keep in mind that dating really is a “numbers game” and eventually I’ll have that winning number.

What “bomb” has someone dropped on you during a date that let you know that there wasn’t going to be a 2nd date?!

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