Marriage In 2018

I want to be a married woman. Period.

Why? More like, why not? It’s not about me getting older, so much as I feel like I’ve done just about as much as I’m going to do as a single woman. I’m ready to have a partner in life. And I know I’m not alone – a lot of women feel like at a certain point they’re ready to take on a husband to have a partner in life. It’s like with anything in life – there’s only so much you can do by yourself before you acknowledge (and have the desire to) that you need help to get further along & do more in life.

Spiritually, I’m ready to take on the roles & responsibilities of being someone’s wife. I’ve listened to enough marriage tapes & read enough dating books and articles to be as prepared as I possibly can be without actually having experienced marriage. I do know that being unmarried when you don’t want to be can cast doubt & frustration, so it is better to be married than to have to deal with that as a single woman.

The hardest part of this equation is the “who”. Unfortunately, that is the one question that I can’t answer. Sure, it’s important to keep a few irons in the fire but I may end up marrying the person I least expect. It may be someone who is already in my life (but I doubt that) or it could be a man I meet tomorrow.  You just never know!

How am I going to make this happen? Well, people meet all sorts of ways these days. Perhaps, I should have some formal plan, but I do know I have to continue to put myself out there. This means getting out the house to meet men, staying in the church (not just to meet Godly men, but also to thank God in advance for bringing that man into my life), and letting people around me know that I’m single & ready to mingle (think of the older women who have single grandsons (wink wink).

Marriage. It’s on for 2018.

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