Dating: The Hardest Part About Being Single

  1. Share what’s on your heart, then receive what’s in theirs.
  2. All forgiveness does is accept the person for who they are and release them from the judgment of who we think they should be.
  3. Right, wrong, real or imagined people cheat for reasons that are true and rational to them even if their reasons are factually or morally flawed.
  4. Without context an affair is nothing more than an act committed by two consenting adults who happen to be married to other people.
  5. People don’t step outside the marriage to cheat, they do it inside the marriage.
  6. Both parties need to own up to the pre-cheating that takes place in their relationship before the affair.
  7. The only thing more pathetic than a bitter woman in her 30s is one in her 40s.
  8. The inability to maintain one’s self-respect in a relationship can make one ‘lost’.
  9. People get distracted in ways that either prolong or hinder their recovery process after a breakup.
  10. Limit the opportunities for the unnecessary escalation of drama and hostility.
  11. Adopt an attitude that promotes authentic expression from a place of personal dignity.
  12. Forgiveness benefits the person who is doing the forgiving the most.
  13. Managing things & people rather than feelings are NOT what foster intimacy.
  14. Forgiveness and mercy play a vital role in the recovery process.
  15. The goal is to take the focus off the things we THINK should have happened or NEED TO happen and put the focus on WHAT IS happening.
  16. Those stuck in grievance tend to stay in conflict.
  17. When we practice forgiveness and mercy it helps us make the transition from ‘posturing’ to ‘partnership’.
  18. Forgiveness addresses the evil intent we create when we turn someone else’s behavior into a story that tries to explain their intent.
  19. To fully forgive someone you must come to terms with the personality & character of them not just their behavior.
  20. Holding someone up to standards they can’t keep is unloving.
  21. Forgiveness does not release a person from their responsibilities it just gives them more opportunities.
  22. You must create a level playing field and take the frustration of unrealistic expectations & the shame of judgment out of your relationship.
  23. Forgiveness takes place when you can acknowledge each other’s strengths & weaknesses w/out all the judgmental blaming that causes you to compete for the moral high ground.
  24. It’s not the presence of conflict that escalates or deescalates a situation, it’s the absence of honor.
  25. Honor is the foundation every stable relationship rests on.

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