It’s Vision Board Time!

It’s still the beginning of the year, so you know what that means – it’s vision board time!

People all over the nation are throwing parties, watching videos & downloading how-to clips, tips & more on how to make the “perfect vision board” (as if there ever was such a thing). Vision boards are one of the best DIY projects & can actually be a lot of fun.

The best part about making your own vision board is that it’s for you, so you can do it anyway you want. You can use pictures, words, graphics, designs, etc. all from different sources. Some people prefer to use magazines, newspapers or even draw themselves on a plain white poster board.

But how do you organize a good vision board? How can you make sure that your vision board represents your vision for the rest of the year? There are many ways to set yours up –

Chronologically: The year divides evenly into 4 quarters, 12 months or 52 weeks (notice all even numbers!). This makes it quite easy to split up your goals based on the time of year. For example, there may be some things that are necessary to complete in the beginning of the year versus towards the end of the year. There might even be some goals that you can only cross off your list during the summer time. Or there might be a project that only takes a few weeks, in which case you can slot that project in between others that might take longer.

Subject Matter: Perhaps there are some things you want to accomplish that are all topically related. If this year was meant to be a major year for your career, your vision board might mostly be comprised of images that all have to do with work. Perhaps a picture of a business suit, a nice office or even an award (or two). Or you might want to focus on family – getting married, having babies or spending more time with your extended family. Grouping these together will make it easier when you look at your vision board on a daily basis. Your eye will catch all the similar categories which will help reinforce your goals.

All for one & One for all: If you’re like me, you recognize that sometimes it’s just easier to lump everything together. Sometimes throwing everything up on the board make look disorderly, but it lets you see everything all at once so you can choose what you will work on each day.

Yourself vs. Others: I know we hate to think of it like this, but life is a competition. Knowing the progress of others can help keep us working on our own.

No matter how you choose to draft your vision board, putting it into action is the most important thing. Do you have a vision board for this year? If so, how did you set yours up?

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