Dating Is Not For The Weak (And Other Relationship Advice)

  1. A man will only feel as comfortable as his career feels.
  2. Silence, secretiveness, mind reading, expectations and assumptions are the qualities of failure.
  3. There cannot be 2 presidents in a corporation just like there cannot be 2 leaders in a relationship. The man IS the head.
  4. A woman should never demand marriage. It’s better for her to pass a man up than to demand marriage from him.
  5. You will know when to leave a relationship because you will feel both empathetic & apathetic towards your mate.
  6. She who leaves first in anger is doomed to repeat the relationship experience.
  7. She who stays until the end when the lessons are learned graduates to the next step in relationship skills.
  8. There are 3 ways of dealing w/ your partner: 1) Intimidate him with fear, 2) Seduce him with guilt or 3) Negotiate with love.
  9. A woman must be grounded in her worthiness and desirability in order to be in a healthy relationship.
  10. Feminine energy is magnetic to masculine energy.
  11. A man with masculine energy is grounded in his competence & adequacy.
  12. Life seeking gratification rarely has much love but life seeking #love has a great deal of gratification.
  13. Falling in love is called bonding.
  14. For 100% commitment, you must be married LEGALLY. This is your commitment to society. And when a man commits on paper he is TRULY committed.
  15. To love and be loved is the ultimate goal of all good people.
  16. Allow the other person to be your opposite so you can work together to exchange your energy systems. You only get into trouble when you duplicate not complement.
  17. When a man is in love with you he will want to be protective of you and put your feelings above his own.
  18. A woman should keep her composure. She has to be quiet, act like a lady and not argue. She MUST always be prepared to walk away if her needs are not being met.
  19. We cannot force a man to be what we want him to be. When we do that we run the risk of pushing him away.
  20. When a man is really in love with you he will be generous with his body, his mind, AND his money.

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