No Time For Drama

I am not a fan of drama.

I, on purpose, choose to live my life drama-free.  To me, it’s the best way to live.

I have no clue as to why some people love drama, or love to run and tell someone about someone else’s drama – or just love drama themselves; I guess some folks are just starved for attention.

Then you got all these reality shows; which don’t make it any better. Now folks are running around talking about other people’s made up drama that more than likely doesn’t even exist because it’s T.V.!
Sadly, many who spread gossip and keep drama in their lives are more than likely consistent reality show viewers.
As the saying goes, trash in, trash out… the drama they enjoy is the drama they receive in their own lives.
Instead of looking for drama, inviting drama, or receiving drama – we should be seeking the peace of God with every person, and in every situation.
There is a reason God said it’s best to turn the other cheek. (Matthew 5:39) When you turn the other cheek and go in a different direction, you give no place for the instigating drama seeker to get any glory.

The Word of God says in Romans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

God has called us to peace, not drama…any relationship (friendship or dating relationship) that includes daily drama needs to be re-evaluated to see if whether or not the relationship is really of God or not, and really worth keeping.

*Originally posted on Kim on the Web.

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