How To Date, Mate & Other Advice

  1. It’s not about appearances, it’s about authenticity.
  2. Men, don’t take the opportunity that a GOOD woman gives you & use it to make excuses.
  3. Working thru issues in a hostile, chaotic environment is the hard work people say they know it takes in marriage but aren’t prepared to deal with it at the right level.
  4. Prepping the mind for the awkward conversations you know you’ll need to have will save you a whole lot of heartache.
  5. There is no smooth way to do rough, no cute way to do ugly and no easy way to do hard.
  6. You must get your head and heart right in order to have a healthy conversation.
  7. Gain as much clarity and take as much ownership of the issue as you can.
  8. Take the time to actually ‘feel your feelings’.
  9. If a person doesn’t take ownership of their feelings, those feelings will take ownership of them.
  10. Speaking the truth in love plays into the maturation of a relationship.
  11. People who choose love over truth end up in relationships of ‘powerless love’ but those who choose truth over love end up in relationships driven by ‘loveless power’.
  12. Right, wrong, real or imagined people cheat for reasons that are true and rational to them even if their reasons are factually or morally flawed.
  13. When things we share are motivated by love and shared in a loving way, it places boundaries on our tone & delivery.
  14. Everything we say needs to be said with enough grace to express our sincere desire to build up and not tear down.
  15. When we do not tell the truth in love, the truth eventually becomes weaponized.
  16. Identify & own any problems with the choices you made in response to the choices of others.
  17. It’s our responsibility to address the problems we have w/ others thru dialogue designed to create awareness.
  18. Value your influence.
  19. Lead with your heart and follow up with your head.
  20. Leading with your heart places a premium on connecting at a core level before trying to connect on a rational level.
  21. To avoid rejection people often share their analysis, not their heart.
  22. Presenting what’s on your heart sets the stage for open communication.
  23. The more points of connection, the more positive influence you can have on someone.
  24. Without context in affair is nothing more than an act committed by 2 consenting adults who happen to be married to other people.
  25. Cheaters don’t become forthcoming just because they’ve been caught.








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