Ways To Build A More Positive Future

No matter what corner of the earth you live in, the world is getting worse every day. Whether it’s due to climate change, natural disasters or human interference, the earth’s resources are rapidly depleting and the human race is losing its moral fiber more & more.

As a Christian, I understand that this is supposed to happen – as the world comes closer to an end things will get worse not better. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t make the best of our lives while we’re here. So here are some ways we can make the world a better place (at least until Jesus comes back):

Actually listen to each other – a lot of times we only hear what we want to hear. If someone doesn’t agree with us then we tend to tune them out without truly listening to them. But when we do this, we miss the opportunity to learn something new or at the very least earn the respect of others who may disagree with you.

• Make an effort to re-use & re-purpose what you already have – recycling can go a long way. Although I haven’t always been a “recycler”, I do know better than to dump your recyclables into regular trash bags.

Live in the present – time can fly so quickly that it’s easy to worry about the future or dwell on the past. Instead, you should focus on the present. After all, it will never happen again!

Show more compassion – one thing about being human, is that we all go thru something. Some more so than others but sometimes life can take a turn for the worse. It’s important to show compassion to people who might be down & out because some day it might be you.

Turn off the television – TV can be quite addictive, not to mention it’s distracting. You can lose hours (which subsequently turns into days) just by watching the “boob tube”. Television can dull your creativity and should really only be watched sparingly for relaxation purposes.

Enjoy experiences not things – people come & go and so does money. But memories last a lifetime. It can be more valuable to you to build memories and less “junk”.

Cliques. Get rid of them. – while there’s nothing wrong with having close friends or even circles of those who are like-minded, it’s important to be more inclusive than exclusive.

Make politics less one sided – while I don’t agree with everything on either side of the aisle, there is good & bad to be taken from both. Everything shouldn’t be all “red” or all “blue”. The main goal is that citizens are protected and treated fairly no matter who’s in charge.

Stop killing each other – this is a no-brainer, but still needs to be said. Whether physical, mental, literal or figurative WE NEED TO STOP KILLING EACH OTHER AND LOVE EACH OTHER INSTEAD.

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