MORE Relationship Advice You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask For




    1. Withholding sex as an ultimatum is no more punishment than withholding a paycheck from someone who didn’t show up to work.
    2. Women have to dig really deep to not be goaded into an arguing, even when the man thinks it’s a rational one to have.
    3. The problem is that men tend to be more logic and that causes women to give in during an argument when they shouldn’t.
    4. Women must love themselves, protect themselves & believe they deserve the relationship that is right for them.
    5. I am only interested in being receptive to the right man: one who is committed to me & our relationship.
    6. I believe in committing to the commitment, not necessarily the person.
    7. Confronting a man about what you want in a relationship will make him aware that you love yourself more than you love him.
    8. A truly committed man wants to be generous, responsible, protect your reputation and cherish your feelings.
    9. Women must be careful not to harbor any resentment from past relationships that didn’t work out.
    10. A woman cannot intimidate, threaten or nag a man into what she wants. She can only relay her feelings and accept or reject his reaction.
    11. Marriage means taking on a lot of responsibilities for a man & a big loss of independence for a woman.
    12. Marriage means taking on a lot of responsibilities for a man & a big loss of independence for a woman.
    13. When a man is in charge of his own decisions (or at least when he feels like he is), it will help him embrace his masculinity.
    14. Men aren’t the only ones who fear commitment. Women just typically don’t admit it & may blame it on uncommentable men.
    15. A committed relationship is not as anxiety- laden as an uncommitted one. It’s the chase not the capture that’s exciting.
    16. Love yourself enough to spend the time to get to know your perspective mate, and he you. You deserve that.
    17. The man should be the generous, protective, cherishing one and the woman should be the receiving, responsible, available one.
    18. Communication, not tasks, indicate maleness and femaleness.
    19. Communication and negotiation is one of the highest forms of love.
    20. Learn how to approach your mate and express your likes & dislikes with skill and positive diplomacy.
    21. Just about everything in a relationship must remain negotiable because nothing in life is constant. Masculine energy and feminine energy are not connected to the amount of money earned by either, but how it is handled and by whom.
    22. When a woman loves her man BETTER than herself, she runs the risk of being used and abused. So don’t do it!
    23. As women age they become more thought-oriented like men, and less-feeling oriented due to their hormones.
    24. Men, on the other hand become less performance-oriented as they age. They lose their testosterone.
    25. There are only two thrones: one for the king and one for the queen. Each throne can only accommodate one person at a time.



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