Relationship Advice You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask For

  1. No matter how educationally or economically equal a woman is to a man, she still must to defer to him.
  2. Men only want to make women happy as long as it is not assumed, expected or demanded of them.
  3. Only when men get hungry for the best women will they make a deal & settle down. It is the woman’s job to set the parameters for that deal.
  4. Many masculine, bullheaded men must feel the pain of loss before they realize they want to be married.
  5. A man is a man until he meets a lady, then he becomes a gentleman.
  6. When a man falls in love, he is wishing & striving to be a better man.
  7. It is a woman’s responsibility to raise a man’s level of consciousness.
  8. A masculine man can’t fall in love when he receives, only when he gives.
  9. A man who is virtuous w/ integrity takes the time to think thru & articulate his goals so a woman can hear him clearly.
  10. Don’t let a man’s seemingly logical argument override your feelings.
  11. You will get what you want by knowing what feels good or bad, but by primarily knowing what feels bad.
  12. A man should accept a woman’s right to incorporate his suggestions into her own solution.
  13. When a man feels safe he will share his feelings voluntarily.
  14. Don’t ask to be cherished. If you don’t feel like you are, then just leave. Cherishing at its best is FREELY given.
  15. If a man really wants a woman he will give her what she wants by observing & fulfilling w/out her having to ask for it.
  16. A patient woman can magnetize all the love & affection out of a man w/out verbally asking for it.
  17. A masculine man expects his woman to ask for advice but still solve her problems on her own.
  18. Passive patience is the feminine way. Ladies, you gotta let a man be a man.
  19. Women, it’s okay to say no without defending or explaining your feelings.
  20. A man who is virtuous w/ integrity takes the time to think thru & articulate his goals so a woman can hear him clearly.
  21. Women have to put men on an intellectual pedestal because we want them to put us on an emotional pedestal.
  22. Feminine women should know what they don’t want rather than what they want.
  23. A truly feminine woman shares her feeling with her man & allows him to solve problems in his way, not hers.
  24. A woman should not reject a man, but simply accept him as ‘enough’.
  25. A man has a right to control his giving & a woman can either accept or reject that.

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