I Said “No!”

This week, I want to share a strategy that I’ve read about that teaches how to deal with service-overload by establishing a “NO Committee” –

Establishing A “No Committee”

People who have a difficult time saying “no” should create a “NO committee.” It may consist of people who help filter email requests, phone calls, and/or mail. If this sounds like something you need, you should never accept a commitment on the spot. Instead, once you receive a request brings it to your NO Committee to discuss the pros and cons of saying yes. You will find that around 99% of the time, you will end up walking away from those requests, not only ready to say ‘no,’ but also with a sound sense as to why ‘no’ is the right answer.

Knowing that you have a “NO Committee” in & of itself serves as an external and objective filter through which you can run service requests. And actually setting it up should be quite simple. All you have to do is ask two people the following question: “I’m struggling with too many things and I’m having a hard time saying ‘no.’ Would you be willing to be on my NO Committee?” If you’re asking the right people, they should be delighted to assist you if they can.

Challenge Yourself

  • Identify at least two people to be on your “NO Committee”
  • Use your “NO Committee” to filter the requests you receive for the rest of the week just to see what it feels like to bring other people into your decision-making process. (This doesn’t need to be more than a 5-minute call, a short email or a quick text).
  • If you are struggling with the deeper issues surrounding the word “no,” try to figure out why by talking to the people who know you best.
  • Don’t be afraid to sit on someone else’s “NO committee”.

I hope this week brings you the opportunity to reach out to others for emotional support & the ability to help others help you say “NO”!


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