For The First Time…

Yesterday I decided to do something different. I wore my natural hair to work. Not all the way natural – it was blow-dried (so there was some heat involved, but still) and it felt very liberating. As an African American, my hair texture is not as fine as my Caucasian colleagues at work so I’m very careful about how I “represent” at work. Usually, I like to switch it up – I might rock a wig one day, extensions another or just put my hair in a bun or wear it plaited. Whatever the case, I like to change up my look & keep my co-workers guessing as to what I’ll look like from one day to another.

I washed my hair the night before but it got so late (washing my hair can take forevvvver) so I went to bed without styling my hair at all. When I woke up late the next morning, I only had enough time to ‘fluff it out’ & throw a headband on. My hair, full & fluffy in its natural state, was out for the world to see & I liked it!

It was very freeing. I felt like my own hair was beautiful with or without chemicals, a ton of product or even a curling iron. Actually, without any heat, my hair is very full and doesn’t need much by way of gels, creams or oils. A comb & a brush is enough to tame my hair so after I combed it, I decided to let it be free without the stress of heat or being pulled back into a ponytail. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to change up my look & will probably have a totally different style next week. But for now, I am glad that I did this little experiment.

What was I afraid of? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe that I wouldn’t be considered professional enough or that it would look strange to have all this hair going wild & free when I am normally more conservative? Whatever my concerns, they were unsubstantiated because I got a lot of compliments from my co-workers. Even my own manager liked it (and I don’t think she was just saying that either). Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that Black hair is beautiful.



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