Ignore The Resistance!

Being productive & effective at the same time can be difficult because beginning what seems like such a simple act can bring forth all kinds of distractions. This past week alone, you may have felt the fear of success, failure, perfectionism, inner-critics on steroids or even painful ambivalence.

But, I want you to acknowledge that getting something done can be incredibly difficult and resistance is to be expected. Anytime we try to make a change for the better, we are guaranteed to face resistance, which most frequently manifests as procrastination, avoidance, and/or denial. This resistance is perfectly normal and practically universal, which means you are not alone in your fears, anxieties, and time constraints. If you struggled last week in accomplishing any of your goals, that’s okay! This is a new week and a new opportunity to enter into open and honest conversation with your resistance.

Some of us experience resistance as a loss of energy, which then leads us to give up. We then feel guilty about breaking yet another promise to ourselves. So, let’s take a totally different approach to our resistance by acknowledging it, being curious about it, figuring it out, putting a name on it and then sneaking around it. In the process, let’s also be gentle with ourselves because guilt, shame & self-criticism aren’t useful nor will they help any of us be a productive member of society.

This is a new week, so when you experience resistance, I suggest you try three things:

1) Acknowledge that you’re feeling resistance and name it, even if it’s only identifying the feeling (“I just don’t wanna today!”) or the behavior (“I need to post on Facebook before I start writing!”) that keeping you from getting started.

2) Find the smallest amount of time you & just show up. If you can only clean-up for 15 minutes every day this week, that’s better than nothing. If all you can do in that 15 minutes is just pick up clothes & move them somewhere else, or run the dishwasher but not unload it, then hey, that’s progress!

3) Whatever amount of time you’ve chosen, reconnect with what you love about being able to check things off the list. You may hate 30 different things about cleaning up (as an example), but may you love the result. Reminding yourself why you like to clean will help you tiptoe around your resistance, giving you energy and connection, and soon you will be moving forward on the pathway to establishing a healthy and sustainable productive lifestyle!

I hope that this week brings you the curiosity to engage in conversation with your resistance & an overall deep reconnection with what it is that you love about ‘getting ‘er done’!

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