Ways To A Man’s Heart (Part 1)

    1. Tell him you’re proud of him (out of the blue) – any man would feel extremely special if he knew that the one woman he cared about was proud of him. A man’s pride is boosted whenever he thinks he is doing something right and when a woman acknowledges that, it means the world to him.
    2. Tell him he looks good – who doesn’t like compliments? Although women are typically the ones who need to be told that they look “pretty”, men need to hear it from time to time too. Especially since they are so rarely complimented.
    3. Tell him he’s appreciated – what man wouldn’t puff out his chest if the woman he loved (or liked a whole lot) said these 5 little words: “Baby, I really appreciate you”?! Try & see what happens, ladies!
    4. Make a man feel like he’s needed – men hear all the time that women “don’t need a man” & “Women can do it all” but the truth of the matter is, we really can’t. If we could, there wouldn’t be any more weddings, no more relationships & certainly no need to even date. Women need men to Takes a lot less to change from “want” to “not want” than from “need” to “not need”.
    5. Pay him some attentionwe women can get so caught up in our own lives & our girlfriends that we forget to make time (emphasis on the word make) for the man in our lives. We can sometimes make them feel like they have to “get in where they fit in”, but that’s not how it should be. Pay your guy some attention, just like you would like for him to do to you.

    6. Support his hobbies – no matter how dumb, corny or stupid you may think his hobbies are, they mean a lot to him. Maybe you don’t have to join in with him, but you can be his “cheerleader” or even buy him things that relate to what it is he likes to do.
    7. Make him laugh – you can do this easily by sending him memes, funny texts, etc. Men like a good laugh and sometimes after a hard day at work, it might be just what he needs.
    8. Scratch that back – this may sound weird, but who doesn’t enjoy a good back scratching session? Isn’t that one of the most important job duties of a boyfriend or girlfriend anyway “experienced back scratcher, head optional”. LOL
    9. Cook some good food – we’ve all heard the expression, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” That may not be entirely true, but it doesn’t hurt to know a few good recipes for when he comes over for dinner. Being a good cook is always a bonus!
    10. Be supportive – this cannot be emphasized enough! You gotta give your man some support if you want him to give you some back. There’s nothing worse than having to battle with someone who’s supposed to have your back. Remember, you’re a team, and by being supportive you are helping your “team” grow stronger & stronger.



Men, what else can we do to make you feel special?!


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