How Do You Do That?!

Here are some suggestions on specific strategies that may allow you to be released from any flawed beliefs you have about being productive. They will help you to sneak around your resistance and slowly but surely ease you into daily productivity.

Commit To Daily To-Do-Lists

Don’t just say you’ll do it, actually DO IT! By writing it down you can build in some accountability since trying to start a new habit alone is a recipe for disaster. When you make a to-do-list you might be astounded to learn that: 1) you can act no matter how you feel, 2) a lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time, and 3) it’s very satisfying to get ‘er done!

Expand Your Understanding Of What “Counts” As Productive

Basically, if your hands are moving then you’re being productive. Shopping for the right tools, prepping to get the work done & even researching how the work should get done counts too. In other words, anything that helps get you to accomplish a particular task counts as productivity. Expanding your notion of what productivity is will help you to reduce your resistance to doing it & help you make it a regular part of your everyday routine.

Switch It Up

I’m not sure how to explain it, but there’s something that shifts in your brain when you move from writing on the computer to good old-fashioned pencil and paper. In the same vein, when you got stuck doing anything, just switch it up! It’s really easy – just push everything to the side, grab a pencil and paper, and start writing, or throw on some tennis shoes & head outside to clear your head. This switch and general stimulation will help you to think differently. Personally, I time myself so that I don’t stick to any one task for too long. This technique never, okay rarely, fails to generate a breakthrough in activities.

Don’t Stare At A Blank Screen

If starting a task feels scary because you lock up every time you see that big pile of laundry or stack of papers, then don’t look at it. Throw something over your “mess” (a sweater, a towel, a pillowcase, or whatever is handy). Remember, you control it — not the other way around. Then one-by-one, start working on a single task. Sometimes, just blocking the “noise” can help you get started and once you get started you won’t want to stop until the work is done. This can help you separate procrastination from doing. You may not be able to see the finished product but you’ll be less tempted to stop until you can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Ultimately, the goal of each of these strategies is to disrupt and undermine the flawed beliefs that “doing” happens after thinking and that you must be inspired to act.

I hope that this week brings you a renewed sense of accomplishments, a sense of clarity about thinking and doing, and the confidence to know that you can get stuff done! No matter how you feel or where you are in your project, you can choose to sit down and get started today!


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