Go From ‘Thinking’ To ‘Doing’

Knowing what’s underneath our resistance can provide a sense of relief knowing that we are not the only ones who experience challenges. Knowing that this is a common problem can help to normalize any feelings of anxiety you may have. Once these feelings are calmed, you can work toward adjusting them. And given that perfectionism is just one of the demons that debilitates us, we should try hard to keep moving forward. This week, let’s talk about a problem that is also very common – disempowerment.

Many of us hold unhealthy views between our thoughts and the physical act of getting something done, and what it takes to be productive. When some people describe what it takes for them to get stuff done, what often surfaces is the idea that doing what’s necessary is what happens AFTER they’ve done what’s unnecessary. In other words, “doing” is simply the physical act someone engages in after they’ve figured out how to get it done. People say they need to FEEL _________ (inspired, excited, energized, confident, clear, etc.) before they can start to BE productive. As you can imagine, most people who need to feel perfectly inspired should have a plan of action before getting started.

This is problematic for 3 reasons. First and foremost, it’s a highly inefficient way to get motivated. This is because you don’t know when inspiration is going to strike, and you can’t control it when it does. So if you’re sitting around waiting to feel inspired to get stuff down, it’s no surprise that you might experience some thoughts of procrastination. Secondly, you might not have the time to figure everything out AND feel inspired to act on it. Finally, and most importantly, when we set a broad array of conditions that are beyond our control for what must occur before we can start the task at hand, it reveals a deep sense of disempowerment, slothfulness, and subpar attitudes about what happens when you do start working.

I’m a little slow when it comes to completing lots of tasks consecutively, but I have come to believe that understanding why I delay the key to overcoming disempowerment. If thinking is doing, then you don’t have to wait until you’re done figuring everything out to do it. It’s just best to move forward every single day! It also eliminates the need to feel any particular way as a prerequisite to working because you can think about your project whether you’re happy, sad, inspired, or just plain cranky. It feels a lot less scary to go hard at a task for 30 minutes to an hour every day. I don’t have to do anything perfectly – I only have to get something done.

How do you get motivated to get something accomplished?!



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