He Was ‘Suited & Booted’!

Chocolate Vent

suited and booted

I never really thought I cared about how a man dressed until I met someone who was “suited & booted”. He was very attractive not because of how his face looked but because of how much care & effort he put into his appearance.

I really prefer a man who dresses nicely because it makes me wanna look better myself. I feel like I have to keep my looks up to match his & that’s a good thing because it keeps me on my toes. If he’s this meticulous about the way he dresses then that means he’s probably just as considerate about everything else that he does.

Any man who dresses nicely means that he will represent me well no matter where we go. Anyone can dress down but if I never see how a man looks dressed up then I don’t know whether or not he can represent…

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