One Less Frog To Kiss!

It’s easy to get excited when you first meet someone that you like. The novelty of meeting someone new, spending time with them & getting to know more about them can be electrifying!

I know how it is to get excited when I meet a man who I think has true dating potential. Some women plan their wedding within the first week of meeting someone that they like. I don’t take it that far, but I do consider cutting off other men I’m dating to focus on the one that’s in front of me. All of this of course hinges on whether or not he likes me back. If there’s mutual interest, then I know that there’s a real possibility that there might be something between us.

A problem occurs when things don’t work out. This happens very often, obviously, which explains why so many of us are single. But that doesn’t make it any easier to bear. It gets frustrating when you think you meet “Mr. Right” only for him to be “Mr. Wrong”. All my hopes & dreams (okay, maybe not ALL my hopes and dreams but you know what I mean) were built on the possibility of something great happening. But sometimes life can sometimes throw us a curveball (which is when things don’t work out like we’d like them too), leaving us to mourn the loss of a relationship.

Even though it can hurt, I realize that the person I break up with is one less person I’ll need to weed through before I can get to Mr. Right. Of course, I don’t like kissing frogs; who does? But I can’t be mad at a relationship that just wasn’t meant to be. Couples break up, relationships end & life goes on.

Dating can be hard. With every man that I let go, I know that’s one less frog to kiss. So with every man that I ‘date & dump’ I know there are fewer frogs to kiss until I get to the one who will turn into my Prince Charming.

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