It Felt Good To Need A Man (Even Though I Didn’t Really Need Him)

The other day I was out with a girlfriend and my car started overheating. At the same time, one of the indicator lights on my dashboard went off, causing me to panic slightly. This has never happened to me before so I immediately pulled over and popped the hood. It turns out that a hose connected to the coolant reservoir was loose causing anti-freeze to leak out. Because we were in the middle of a residential area, I had no choice but to call AAA so they could tow my car to my mechanic.

Around the same time, a male friend of mine called to say hello & check in on me. I told him what happened with my car and the fact that I was stranded with a girlfriend in my car. Coincidentally, he lived not too far from where I was at the time so he asked if I needed anything & whether or not he should come to check on me in person. My friend in the passenger seat told me that I should have this friend drive over to help us out. At first, I pushed back because I didn’t feel like his driving over was really necessary. What could he possibly do? I have AAA and I knew that help was on the way, so there was really no way for him to help. But, my friend said that I should let him come anyway so that he could act as a support system for me in my time of need.

I decided to take her advice. I asked him if he could come to see about me and help me as I manage the situation with my car. He immediately said, “No problem” and showed up within 15 minutes. He actually got there right after AAA & ended up talking to the tow truck driver about what was going on with my car. Fortunately, because it was just a loose hose the AAA worker was able to tighten it so I could go on my way instead of having to be towed. My guy friend even chatted with the AAA driver, and I must say it felt good to have a man there for me.

Even the tow truck driver seemed to “perk up” a bit when he saw that a man had come to see about me. When he first arrived he was cool, but when my guy friend showed up he started to use more technical terms & even put a little more bass in his voice as he talked about my car repairs.

The thing is, I didn’t need him at all. With free towing thru AAA and an Uber app on my fully charged cell phone, I really didn’t need help from a man. Why waste anyone’s time when I’m sure there were other things he could have been doing? Especially since he was unable to tow my car himself, I just didn’t see the point in asking him to come help me. But the fact that he was there and willing to support me in a moment of stress actually affected me more than I thought it would.

What happened next? Well, he ended up following me as I took my girlfriend back to her car. It was only about a 5-6 mile drive but he stayed behind me the whole way, even running a few yellow lights on the way (I’m a tough driver to follow; lol!). When we finally made it to our destination, he asked me if I needed anything else. I told him, no, but I thanked him for being there for me. He told me that he was glad he was able to be there for me and that if I ever needed any more car help to just let him know. I guess men like to feel needed too.


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