If I Don’t Celebrate My Birthday, Who Will?!

My birthday is coming up (my real one, not the one I have listed on my FB page). I never know what to do this time of year because celebrating my birthday is not necessarily a big deal to me. As a woman, I don’t have the same appreciation for getting older as most men do. Aging sucks, even if it’s done gracefully because you know what’s coming next. It’s not that I’m getting “old” or anything, it’s just that a birthday is just another marker to symbolize all that I have or have not accomplished up until this point of my life. It’s funny because people always say that another birthday beats the alternative, but I think that point is illogical because once you’re dead, you don’t know that you’re dead so it’s hard to make that comparison. At any rate, since life is a gift from God I suppose I owe it to myself to honor the gift that He continues to give me.

I try to change it up every year. Last year I had a bowling party and the several years leading up to that I did different things like a karaoke night and a dinner celebration. Nothing too elaborate, just something for friends to get together & have a good time. Celebrating by yourself can get pretty darn depressing so I make sure to invite as many people as I can (not to mention sometimes people are just looking for something to do on the weekends).

I’m not doing too much this year, just a few activities where I invited people to different events over the course of an entire weekend. As a single woman, I’ve had a few offers to go out from my male friends but truthfully I don’t want to celebrate one-on-one with someone who’s not special to me. There’s just no point because all I would be doing is just wishing I was with someone else instead (lol). Being single around your birthday can be such a drag because all of the responsibility falls on you to coordinate a party or any semblance of a get-together. I recently planned one for a friend & it was quite stressful. Being single on your birthday serves as a reminder that you have NO one to appreciate the fact that you’re alive for another year. While this can make me very sad, it gives me hope that the next birthday will be different. At least I have a good set of friends to celebrate with and that helps make my birthdays all the more memorable.

As for my birthday wish for this year, I already have a lot to be grateful for. I’ve accomplished a lot this year but still have a long way to go.

Single people, how do you celebrate your birthday?!

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