Am I Her Back Up BFF?

I know someone who was really good friends with another female. They would hang out together, talk all the time & even lived together at one point. As the old folks would say, “they were thicker than thieves”. This friendship lasted years and just like two old friends, they would occasionally have their spats. But these spats never lasted long, and they would go right back to being friends again.

Then one day, things started to get weird. I’m not sure if it was jealousy or if their friendship had simply run its course but whatever the case, their friendship slowly started to disintegrate and seemingly without any good reason.

Then one day as things would have it, one of the girls started to reach out to me. First, it started off with text messages then it escalated into actual phone calls. She was asking me what I was doing over the weekends to see if we could hang out together, but the doozy was when she invited me to her birthday party. Although we were distant friends I had never been invited to party with her before. I always love a good party so I gladly accepted her invitations. I did find it odd that she was just now starting to include me in her life even though we were already friends. Should I be offended that she never invited me anywhere before? Maybe, but the past is the past and the only way to grow a friendship is to be a friend, right?

So little by little, I found myself spending more time with her and sharing more & more of my life with her and she started doing the same. She started telling me about her friends, her family, and her own life stories. Eventually, the conversation came around to what happened between her & the other girlfriend that she used to hang with all the time. She told me that that relationship was on the rocks but that she was glad she found a new(ish) friend in me.

Yes, it kind of sucks that it took the demise of one friendship in order for another to blossom but that’s life. Sometimes things must wither or die off before something new can take its place. While I can never replace what she had with her old friend (nor would I try), I’m glad to know that I can be there for someone when they need it.



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