Do You Ask Younger People For Advice?

Why does it seem that we always go to older people for advice but never younger ones?

I know that with age comes wisdom but what older people have in wisdom is what younger people have in perspective.  And sometimes that’s what we need – a newer perspective.

Because young people lack life experience, that leaves them nothing more than their opinions which are solely based on the little bit of life that they have lived. Younger people have an ear that’s “closer to the ground” so their thoughts & opinions on how we are and what we do may actually mean more than the opinions of someone who is older. It might be better to hear an opinion based on the way things are, not based on how things used to be, hence the difference between younger advice &older advice.

Who wouldn’t want a fresh perspective on life? It’s not that I would expect a younger person to give me the best life advice but at least they can tell me about the world through eyes that are not as tainted as mine. It’s like asking someone’s great-grandmother to explain social media & asking a 20-year old about the depression era. Either of them could give you an answer, but you’d probably get a better answer from them based on their current knowledge base.

Of course, you have to ask a younger person the right questions if you want good advice from them, and you have to ask the right young person for advice, but that goes without saying. There are young people who think &act beyond their years, just like there are some older people who are immature for their age. But I think that asking the right person, regardless of age, can be more beneficial than harmful.Not to mention most young people think they know everything so it might just be fun to hear their opinions.

When’s the last time you asked a younger person for their advice?

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