Unfortunately, Black History Month Is Over (Until Next Year…)

Black History Month is officially over (boo!) but I hope that you were able to gain something from my daily Black History posts. I love this time of year because it allows me to introduce lesser known, yet highly influential African Americans in history. We have made so many contributions to this country; I absolutely love celebrating February!

Even though February is officially over, I will continue to write about controversial topics in the Black community or share articles of interest pertaining to my African American heritage. So keep reading!

March is here and I have a lot of new topics. I will continue to include articles of interest on subjects like dating, marriage, having children (or not), friendship, church, etc.

The Question of the Day is back! I’ve got plenty of great questions that I’m going to throw out there so please Respond, Like, or Re-blog (or all 3)!

So here’s the new schedule:

    • Sunday: I’ll continue with my weekly scriptures & my inspirational quotes of the week.
    • Question of the Day: They’re baaaack! (starting next week)
    • Monday – Friday: These posts will be my usual mix of crazy! Please Respond, Like, or Re-blog

    • Saturday: I will continue to share the stories of those who have lost their lives unnecessarily at the hands of racial injustice. #BlackLivesMatter
    • Facebook: Articles about any & everything will be posted here. I’m also going to post some funny pics that’ll be sure to make you laugh!
    • Twitter: My usual “randomness” throughout the day. Keep up if you can!


Happy reading & feel free to leave comments at any time – either good or bad! You will get a response from me – either good or bad! Thanks again for being a part of this blogging journey with me. 🙂



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