Men, Where’s Your Sense Of Urgency?!


If a guy asks a girl out, I would like to think that means he’s into her. But when he doesn’t follow up that ask with an action (like actually taking her out) then that leaves the question, is he really all that interested?

There’s a guy who I met a few months ago who asked me for my number and has been calling me pretty regularly ever since. He’s done a good job of staying in touch over the phone but we haven’t gone out since the day we met. He works long hours so he’s very busy, not to mention we live a pretty long distance apart. Days turn into weeks, weeks have turned into months and here we are in a new year and still there’s been no date set.

He has talked about taking me out. Lunch or dinner, he’s always telling me we should “hang out”, but never actually sets a date. Whenever we do talk about actually getting together he always laughs and says that he “owes me a lunch” but never actually follows it up by making plans. And since I’m not one to chase a man, I let it slide.

He’s nice & all but I don’t even know if I’m interested in him. We have good conversation (which is pretty hard to come by) but I’m not sure if I see a future with him. Of course it would help if we actually went out on a first date, right?! I’m certainly not going to press the issue, after all, he was the one that approached me, asked me for my phone number, called me up, and even asked me out. He just hasn’t followed it up yet. But if he really wanted to take me out, he would’ve done it by now right?

All of this leads me to wonder, why are men so slow when it comes to the dating process? If they meet someone they’re interested in, wouldn’t they ask them out quickly and then actually follow that through with a real date? Why risk her losing interest, or being put in the friend zone? I know that’s what I do – if I have a great conversation with a guy who says he likes me but never actually takes me out, he gets “friend-zoned”.

I’m sure he’s busy, but I’m busy too. When a man wants a woman he makes time for her. And he makes time sooner rather than later to spend with her. I certainly can’t think that a man is interested in me if he keeps talking about going out but never actually makes plans with me.

Men, dating shouldn’t be this confusing. If you’ve met a woman and you like her and ask her out then ACTUALLY take her out! So unless you just want another female friend on your roster, you’re going to lose our interest if you don’t ask us out on that first date.

Guys, what stops you from planning a date with us when you are the ones who asked for our number?



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