I Can’t Help BUT To Get Excited!


As a woman, sometimes I get down when I think about being single. I’m not saying that being single is the end of the world but sometimes it does feel like it. Watching everyone else get engaged or married, not having a regular date on the weekends and not having that special confidant can make one feel lonely, undesirable or just plain sad. There are some days when I wonder if finding the “right one” will ever happen for me and there are other days I bask in my singleness! Obviously, I am not the first woman to endure this, nor will I be the last but sadness is not a good emotion to have.

So instead of feeling sad all the time, I choose to get excited! My excitement stems from the fact that there is 1 man out there somewhere who is waiting to meet me, date me, fall in love with me & ask me to be his wife. That man is wondering where I am, who I am & when I will come into his life. My future husband is a wonderful, thoughtful, charismatic, tall, attractive, God-fearing man who has ZERO children. He has been single his entire life, just like I have, and is prepared to settle down with his “perfect” match.

There will be so much to learn about each other, marriage & life after marriage that it can really get overwhelming just thinking about it all. What will his friends be like or his parents? Will he like to travel as much as I do or will he be more of a homebody? Will I have to learn how to prepare his favorite meals or will he be the resident chef at home? Will he shut down when we have an argument or will he be willing to talk things thru right away? Will he hog the covers at night or will he snore like a saw? There are so many questions I have about the man I will end up with that even thinking about what he’s like is very exciting to me.

Just think about it, there is a guy out there who is thinking about me just as much as I’m thinking about him, and we don’t even know each other (yet)! The possibilities are endless (& exciting) when you don’t know who you’re going to marry.

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