Why Women Lead Men On


It’s no secret that men lead women on but it seems that women may be guilty of the same thing. While most men may be okay with women who are not into them, there are some who are bothered by a woman leading them on.

Some guys would rather be told up front if a woman they like is not into them. Sometimes a vague or misleading response to their approach may not be easy to distinguish, as some men are just not good at reading between the lines.

Some women would love to be completely honest with the men who approach them & tell them that they’re not interested but it’s not always that easy. First off, just because a guy is nice that doesn’t mean he’s interested in me. It would be embarrassing for me to assume that just because a man shows me a little kindness that he’s into me (even though I’ve been told that usually when a man is “nice” that means he is interested). But if I tell a man I’m not interested before he states his intentions, then I look wrong for assuming that he is. Just because a guy is nice doesn’t mean he wants to be with me.

And what if he doesn’t take rejection well? Some guys just don’t react well to being told straight up they can’t have what they want. I don’t know if this guy will become a little aggressive (I don’t expect to be murdered, but you never know….), call me out of my name or even spread rumors about me in retaliation for turning down his advances.

There is also a possibility that people might think I’m rude for rejecting him. Because I’m single, people think I should give every man a chance just because they ask me out. While it’s important for me not to be rude, I don’t owe every a guy a chance just because he’s into me.

Sure, if I could reject a guy without any consequences, I would. But, sometimes, that’s just not okay.

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