Men, We Love It When You….


  1. Have confidence this is what we call “swag”, so turn it up!
  2. Being thoughtfuleveryone wants to know they are being thought of.
  3. Are interesting no one wants to date someone who is boring. The more interesting you are, the more interested we’ll in you.
  4. Buys us gifts It’s nice to have a man treat us to little presents every now & then so we can show off what great taste you have
  5. Compliment uswhat woman doesn’t like a few good compliments? Women like, no need, to be complimented regularly. The whole reason we dress the way we dress is to impress you, so it really makes us feel good when you acknowledge our efforts.
  6. Have an impressive vocabulary I like a smart intelligent man. A large vocabulary is typically representative of a man who reads a lot, which is a great turn on for a lot of women.
  7. Make us laugh who doesn’t love a good laugh? When we are stressed, a hearty laugh may be just what we need.
  8. Are a good dancer even if we don’t go dancing often, it’s nice to know that a man has skillz on the dance floor.
  9. Get along with our friendsit is very important when you get along with the people we love the most. Studies show that what our friends & family think of you plays an integral part in how much we like, and even how the relationships progresses. So don’t just impress us, “impress” them too!
  10. Are a good conversationalista good scintillating conversation goes a long way with me! I love a man who can hold my attention with his words. When we are old & gray, this is all we’ll have anyway!
  11. Put effort into our dates one of the best ways to capture a woman’s attention is to put some planning into the date you take her on. Men can lose some serious points if there’s not some obvious thought put into the date you asked to take us on.
  12. Have some bite having “bite” is a bit like having “swag”. Sometimes it’s just not enough for a man to have confidence; he has to be able to back it up with his actions.
  13. Cookwhile this is not mandatory, it is nice to date a man who knows his way around the kitchen.
  14. Remember what we say & ask us about it later the best way to tell if someone is truly listening to me is based on whether or not they can recall the information later. If a woman tells her man about a big project at work then it would be nice if he follows up by asking how the project is coming along. Don’t just listen, listen actively.
  15. Don’t text us too much I’ve talked about this before. I hate it when a grown man texts me too much; it’s juvenile. The only typing a man should be doing on his phone is entering my phone number to call me. I prefer a talker, not a texter.

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