I am excited about February! This is the time of year when I get to talk about Black history & all the contributions Africans Americans have made to this country. And with this new administration in the White House, I definitely think our contributions need to be highlighted. I think it’s imperative our accomplishments be highlighted all year long but I truly enjoy emphasizing them during the month of February. Now that this month is here, I will write all about Africans Americans, dating, relationships and love!

Below is what ‘Chocolate Vent will look like this month. I will still post relevant articles, but the ‘Question of the Day’ will be replaced with some new features:

  • #SoulfulSundays: I’ll continue with weekly scriptures, however, the ‘Quote of the Week’ will be from an African American preacher.


  • #MusicalMonday – I will highlight famous African Americans in the music industry (singer, producers, writers, etc.)


  • #DiscoveryTuesday – Famous inventions & their inventors will be highlighted


  • #WednesdayWorshippers – Famous African American preachers will be highlighted


  • #ThursdayThoughts –African American authors will be highlighted along with some good reading suggestions


  • #LOLFridays – Laugh out loud Friday will highlight some of our finest & funniest comedians


  • #Saturday – I will be paying tribute to lives lost at the hand of police violence. Black History includes the personal tales of those who have been impacted directly by the racism in this country & by sharing their stories, it will help put a face to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


  • Facebook: Any articles posted here will be related to Black History or dating & relationships Twitter: My tweets this month will definitely be relating to Black History Month (with some occasional randomness sprinkled in!)
  • Pinterest: I’m building my following on Pinterest. This month I’ll be sure to pin photos relating to Black History Month.

If you aren’t already, please follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. You won’t be disappointed. Happy reading & more importantly Happy Black History Month!!




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