If There Was A Pill For This, I’d Take It….

Over-sized Pill

Has anyone ever asked you if you had three wishes what would they be? Sometimes I like to think about what my wishes would be, even though I know they’ll never come true. But, if someone offered me a pill instead of a genie that would grant my wishes I would certainly take it. But not just any pill, it would be different pills for different things. Similar to how you take different types of medicine for different aches & pains, I would take several pills so that I could be the best in several areas of my life. A pill, that once I took it, would allow me to be able to do certain things:

1) Instantly learn another language – I’ve dabbled in Spanish, French, Chinese & Italian. I’m not quite fluent in any of them (okay, nowhere close) but it would be nice to take a pill (in this case 4 different pills) to learn 4 different languages. Poof! I would be a quadrilingual, not counting English of course.

2) Be in perfect health (forever) – it doesn’t matter how long you live, if your quality of life is poor. How long I stay on this earth isn’t exactly up to me but I would like to be in perfect health as long as I’m here. Taking a pill that would instantly make me immune to everything would definitely add years to my life.

3) Be an expert in cooking – I know my way around a kitchen but I have not mastered the art of cooking just yet. With no one to cook for but myself, it’s pretty hard to get motivated to go outside of my comfort zone just to try a new dish. But if there was a “cooking pill”, I would take that & cook as many wonderful foods as possible!

4) Play the piano masterfully – I regret not learning how to play the piano when I was younger. Not that I have an itching desire to be a concert pianist or anything but it would be nice to have a musical talent under my belt. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the life of the dinner party because you can play a few pop tunes?! I think all children should learn how to play an instrument so that they always have a skill to fall back on. As an adult I would definitely ‘pop a pill’ so that I knew how to automatically play the piano.

5) Have lots of friends – having lots of friends comes easier for some people than others. Knowing how to build relationships & pouring into people is a gift. Anyone can meet people but it takes a lot to make a friend. And as we get older, making new friends gets harder & harder. People are caught up in their own lives and don’t stay as connected as before. So while I do have friends, I would love to have a lot more!

What would you pop a pill for?!


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