Three Steps to Success


Step #1: Develop A Clear And Realistic Plan

Creating a plan is easy — just start by listing your goals & what’s necessary to meet them. Then map the projects onto your calendar so that you know which blocks of time you will devote to each one. There are a finite number of weeks in the month so it’s critical to determine a specific amount of time that you will devote to each project on your list. A plan will help you to clarify WHAT needs to be done and WHEN you will actually do it.

Step #2: Commit Yourself To At Least 30 Minutes A Day To Work On Your Goals

Set aside 30 minutes every day to develop a plan of what it is you are looking to accomplish this year. Simply committing to working daily on your goals by blocking that time out on your calendars will help you consistently move towards the completion of your goals. Setting an actual “work schedule” will also reduce your anxiety by aligning your daily schedule accordingly.

Step #3: Connect With A Community Of Support That Will Keep You Motivated And Accountable

While it is critical to have a clear strategic plan and execute it little by little every day, the most important factor for success is connecting with a community of support & accountability. Too many of us try to do everything alone and expect ourselves to be perfectly motivated and disciplined at all times. This is not only unrealistic but it’s also a recipe for isolation, alienation, and frustration. Most people thrive in a community where they are motivated daily by others and where people care enough to hold others accountable to their goals. There are lots of different ways to create accountability structures, so find a quick & easy place to make daily connections and experience peer support for productivity.
What do you do to commit to your goals? Please share your comments below –


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