I Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions, But If I Did Here’s What They Would Be:


  1. Read more than 1 book a month. The more knowledge the better, right?! I love to read, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to read as much as I want. I have so much to learn and reading more will help make me more well-rounded person.
  2. Learn a new language. It seems like every year I attempt to learn a new language. I’ve tried Chinese, French and of course, Spanish (after all, I do live in California). Nothing has quite stuck. I’m not fully bilingual yet but I do know enough to say “I don’t know that much” in each of these languages. So maybe I’ll have better luck with Italian. Magari!
  3. Travel more. I usually take a big trip every other year or so, so need in stopping this tradition now. I already have a few vacations slated for this year, but I look forward to some major traveling soon.
  4. Make more phone calls. I am so sick of texting! Don’t get me wrong, it serves its purpose but enough is enough! When it comes to keeping in contact with friends, if I can take the time to text them I can take the time to call them. Who knows?! I might even start a trend – friends calling friends (watch it’s gonna be a thing, I just know it!).
  5. Get more involved politically. With the recent election, political action is more than necessary. This doesn’t necessarily mean going down to my local councilman’s office to make random phone calls either. This could just mean keeping abreast of the news & engaging in more conversations around political hot topics.
  6. Do more with my hair. I’m not very creative when it comes to hairstyles. I don’t like to wear my hair the same way for two too long but I’m not very good at changing it up either. So maybe this year I’ll rely a little bit more on YouTube videos than my local hairdresser for help. Hair is, as hair does.
  7. Get organized! Generally speaking, my room looks like a hurricane has struck. There are clothes, books, shoes & everything else everywhere. I have the best of intentions to keep a tidy place but it gets tough sometimes. When you live alone, you really don’t have an incentive to be the perfect housekeeper. But this year, I plan to go through all my random paperwork, sort through those clothes that don’t fit and donate the books that I’ve already read (or probably won’t ever read).
  8. Date more. I’ve written about this before (actually multiple times). Dating is simply a numbers game. The more men I meet, the more likely I am to meet my future mate. It can get discouraging sometimes (well, most of the time) but I have to keep the faith that the right man will be just as excited to find me, as I will be once he does!
  9. Write more blogs! I really enjoy writing & I hope my readers enjoy reading some of my crazy thoughts. Not only do I want to add more content to this site, I also want to contribute to other online publications. Hopefully, you’ll see more of me all over the web this year!
  10. Stay in the Word! Reading the Bible every day is essential to getting to know God better. While I do read the Bible, I need to actually stop to take the time & analyze what I’ve read. You know that reading words on a page do not necessarily mean anything if it’s not getting through to you. So this year, in 2017, I pledge to really think about what the Bible is actually saying to me. And to prove it, I will tweet something out every day that can be applied to everyday life from the Word!
  11. Dream bigger! Every year should bring new & exciting goals for you. This year, my hopes & dreams are bigger than ever before. Although some of my goals from last year have carried over into this year, I have more that I want to accomplish. More to give, more to share & more to live for. So hopefully, like me you’ll dream bigger than ever before!


What are some New Year’s resolutions you’re NOT going to make this year?


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