I’m Losing The Like


When I first met him I thought he was everything I wanted. He was tall good-looking, smart, intelligent, cultured & had a quick wit. He came from a good family, have great ambitions and loved and said he loved the Lord. And the best part was, he doesn’t have any kids! These are all the qualities I look for in a potential mate. He seemed perfect to me. He wanted what I wanted & there seem to be a connection. What more could a woman ask for?!

In the beginning, things were good (as they usually are). He called often, texted even more while making me laugh in the process. He was saying all the right things, all while sounding very sincere. Within the first couple of months I knew I wanted more from him so I asked him what his intentions were. I’m not one to rush things, but given the fact that we’re not in our 20’s anymore I didn’t feel any reservations about asking a grown man what his intentions were.

He made it plain. He told me he wanted to get married & have a family. Well I’m not too concerned with the “having a family” part, my interest was piqued when he said he wanted to be married. And not just married, but married soon. It was almost like he was saying exactly what I was thinking. Of course as a woman you try not to show your excitement because you never wanna seem “pressed” but I couldn’t help it – I was really feeling him.

Well, you can probably figure out what happened next. Everything was going great & then he seemed to “fall off”. And by fall off, I mean he stopped calling as often & the text messages became fewer and far between. I know it’s natural for interest to wane after a while (especially when things aren’t being taken to the next level), but I thought he was different. I thought he was actually looking for something serious so I made the mistake of getting my hopes up.

The sad thing is, he seemed like he was for real. I can usually tell when a man is just saying what he thinks a woman wants to hear versus a man who is truly genuine. And I was for certain that he fell in the latter category. But it seems like I was wrong.

I’m not exactly sure why he started to fall off. Usually men back off because they’re either turned off or there someone else in the picture (i.e. another woman). I’m fine with that but why drag me along if you’re not serious about me? What do you have to gain by telling me what I want to hear and not follow through on it? This is one of the things I don’t understand about men. I made it a point to let him know that I wasn’t into playing games & was looking for something serious. He said he understood because he felt the same way. So what happened?

As much as I was into him & as much as I may have wanted things to work out between us, I realize when it’s next to cut my losses and move on. It hurts when a guy just isn’t as into me as much as I’m into him. It hurts even more when he acts like he is.

So as much as I really like him, I have started to ‘lose the like’.


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