At Least I Know He DOES Exist!


Every time I date I feel like I get a little closer to meeting ‘Mr. Right’. One guy might fall short in one category, while another guy might have everything I want but might not be available. But every time I meet someone it’s an opportunity for a relationship that might potentially lead to marriage.

One of the last guys I dated was great. We had stimulating conversation, we were both attracted to one another and he was tall (y’all know I need a tall man!).Not to mention he went to church and came from a nice family. All in all, he “understood me”. The problem with him was that he had a child. He had other issues too but that was a big one. Anybody who knows me knows I don’t like to date men who multiple children, let alone just one. But I made an exception for him because I hadn’t met anyone in sooo long that I actually vibed with. Some people believe that you should “make exceptions for exceptional people”, so I tried to give him a chance. Things didn’t end well (he was a very selfish man & didn’t have himself together even though he was significantly older than me) but at least he gave me hope. He let me know that there are men out there that I would have chemistry with who were equally interested in me.

So then, along came another good man. He literally had everything I wanted in a man. And I do mean everything! Every attribute that I wanted in my future husband he had. Every characteristic on my “wish list” he possessed (more about that in another blog). We had good chemistry & he could definitely keep up with my wit! He was attractive, well-educated & had a good job. He was a Christian, came from a 2-parent home (which is very important) and had ambition. And the best part was that he was tall & had ZERO children!

That relationship hasn’t resulted in an engagement or anything (at least not yet) but it taught me an even greater lesson. I had started to give up hope that I would meet anyone that I actually liked. Meeting men is the easy part, but finding one that I really & truly like is the hard part. But finally, I have met someone who has everything that I want in a man! And if I met one then I could meet another. It might have taken me 30+ years to have found such a man but at least I know they exist! There is the right man for me out there somewhere. And the fact that I keep meeting these great guys is evidence of that.

So while it is discouraging to have one relationship come to an end at least it leaves me available to meet the man who has everything that I want.


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