Do I Really Need To Look My Best Every Time I Leave The House? (Geesh!)


It was an early morning and I needed to run to the grocery store. Normally I would throw on a cute outfit and maybe a dab of make up to run simple errands, but for some reason on this morning, I decided not to. The grocery store is just up the street so why did I need to put on any makeup at all? Why do I need to look cute just to go buy some eggs & a loaf of bread? I figured as long as my clothes were clean and ironed; it really shouldn’t matter if they were coordinated or even cute.

But boy was I wrong! I was walking down the bread aisle when I saw him. He was a 6 foot six Adonis. He had brown skin, a nice low haircut and a freshly shaven face. He had the build of a basketball player (imagine LeBron James but fine) and all he had in his hand was a simple basket filled with very few groceries. I’m not sure if he saw me right away but I certainly did. I played it off though & as I moved up and down the next few aisles I wondered where he had disappeared to. But then I realized it didn’t matter if I ran into him again because I wasn’t looking cute that day anyway. I had on blue sweatpants with a lime green shirt and a purple hoodie. To top it all off I had on my running shoes (and I don’t even run) and a baseball cap. Sexy, right?! This is the type of outfit I normally wouldn’t be caught dead in, but it was the closest thing that I could grab before heading out to the grocery store.

When I went to the produce section I saw him again. He was actually right behind me so I know he saw me for sure. I can only imagine what was going on in his head as he looked my outfit up & down. I was in no condition to be pursued. He didn’t know what type of woman I was or anything about my personality, sense of humor or level of intelligence. All he could tell was that I seemingly did not know how to dress. He assumed without even talking to me that I had a poor sense of style and probably didn’t care about my appearance at all. But that wasn’t the truth.

We all have times that we’ve stepped outside of the house without looking our best. And what’s wrong with that? I can’t look like a beauty queen every time I walk out the door. No woman could. As much as I would like to look cute every single time I go out in public; I know it’s just not possible. Sometimes I’m in a rush to leave the house or sometimes where I’m going doesn’t merit me getting all dolled up (or wasting my makeup).  I understand that men are visual creatures, meaning that they put more emphasis on a woman’s outward appearance before deciding if they want to get to know her. I can only hope that any man who meets me when I’m not looking my best realizes that what’s really important is not on the outside, but on the inside instead.

Men, when you see women in sweats with no makeup do you imagine what she would look like all made-up or are you willing to take a chance on her despite what she has on?


2 thoughts on “Do I Really Need To Look My Best Every Time I Leave The House? (Geesh!)

  1. “Imagine Lebron James, but fine” Ha!

    To be honest though, as a guy, I go through the same thing.I think to myself “Should I do my hair or bother putting on decent clothes just to go to the store?” and then inevitably return with “No, why would I, it’s just a family dollar.”

    But then of course every time I do this, there’s always a beautiful girl who won’t even look in my direction, or just regular people who look at me as if I’m homeless.

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