10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Watch Football


Football season is upon us once again and there are millions of women out there like me who could really care less. While we might be used to being alienated during this time of year, it doesn’t mean that we like it. So, my way of paying homage to those who like football is to write about things we can do instead, for those of us who don’t like football: 1

. Go to the gym – what better way to protest football then to try and look like those who actually play it!

2. Go shopping – watching football at home maybe free, but there’s always a price to pay

3. Wash my hair – this may not sound like a big deal but washing my hair takes about the same amount of time as it does for the Buffalo Bills to lose

4. Catch up with an old friend – going to brunch or even an early dinner with an old friend is a good way to kill the time. At least this way I’m investing in someone who actually knows me rather than supporting an athlete who doesn’t even know I exist

5. Watch a movie – movie theaters are open every day, all day long. Just like watching football is for sheer entertainment purposes only, so is going to the movies

6. Get my nails done – as a woman it’s important that I keep myself looking fresh. So while you men watch your favorite athletes get pulverized, I’ll be watching my nails get painted

7. Read a book – I love to read it. I don’t need football season to get me in the mood to read a good book, however at least when I’m reading I feel like I’m learning something.

8. Take a nap – 3 to 4 hours is the perfect length of time to take a nap. I can wake up feeling well rested & ready for whatever else the day may bring! Watching football can take a lot of energy out of you (especially if your team loses) but after a nap you feel refreshed

9. Spend quality time with myself – there’s nothing more important than investing in ones’ self


10. Go to church – Sunday is synonymous with football but more importantly it’s the day that you’re supposed to go to church. Spending 2 to 3 hours with the Lord never hurt anybody and at least you know that playing on His team, you’ll always win


What kind of things do you do instead of watching football?

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