Stupid Things Guys Say (about relationships)


Men say a lot of dumb things. This isn’t new, but it is something I feel that needs to be addressed (again). Men like to claim that they’re simple creatures but I really don’t believe that to be true. Women have been proven to be smarter than men generally speaking, so if you all were so simple we’d have well-figured you out by now.

The truth of the matter is that men over-complicate things by supposedly being so simple. It’s as if they think their thought process is without flaws & that if a woman were to just listen and follow along, relationships would flow a lot smoother and dating would be much easier. The only problem is that men don’t listen to themselves talk. They don’t necessarily hear the foolishness that comes out of their mouths and the implications that come along with it. As Forest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Here are some “simple” statements some men have made & my thoughts on each on each of them:

    1. “She makes me want to be a better man” Why don’t you want to be a better man because that’s just the right thing to do? Shouldn’t we all strive to be better people every single day of our lives anyway? Why should it take a total stranger coming along to make you realize that you should be a better man? If anything, you shouldn’t want a woman who doesn’t want a man who is already working on becoming “better”. And that should be taking place whether you meet a good woman or not.
    2. “I want my woman to look sexy all the time” – Not only is this NOT possible, it’s ridiculous to think that any human being is going to be flawless all the time. Beyonce may have coined the term “I woke up like this” but that doesn’t mean the rest of us do. And yes, I understand that looking sexy doesn’t necessarily mean a woman’s hair & makeup has to always be done – shoot, a woman can be just as sexy in a pair of sweatpants – but to expect a certain look all the time is practically unrealistic.
    3. “I just want a woman who makes me want to come home every night” – Okay, this is just flat out stupid. Why is it the responsibility of any one person to entice you to come home every night? Isn’t that something you should be doing – coming home every night? It is incumbent upon each of us to do what we should be doing anyway so that we attract the right kind of people in our lives. If a man is looking for a woman to have to “entertain“ him or keep him interested in spite of all the other distractions he faces outside of the home, then he is immature and has unreasonable expectations of a woman’s role in a relationship.
    4. “If the right woman comes along, I’d settle down” – The problem I have with this statement is that any man who is looking for marriage should be settled already and just searching for the right woman to settle down with. The “settle down” mentality needs to already be there (uh huh, I feel another blog coming along!). Besides, why would a woman want to have to “tame” a man who is not already settled? That just doesn’t make any sense….
    5. “My ex is crazy” – Why would you date someone who is crazy? People just don’t become crazy overnight, so what this statement means to me is that his ex was already crazy, he just didn’t notice it & if he did, he chose to overlook it. So either a guy is attracted to crazy women or he doesn’t know how to properly select the kind of woman he really should be with.


Are there any other dumb things you’ve heard a man say in regards to dating or relationships? Or if you’re a man, what have you said before that seems dumb in retrospect? Please share in the comments section –

2 thoughts on “Stupid Things Guys Say (about relationships)

  1. I love this blog! Men expect women to work, cook, clean, have great sex AND maintain a sexy figure! Not only are these things unrealistic, they are impossible to do ALL the time! These expectations that men have of women really need to cease. If you think about it, they need us more than we need them!

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