Men Like To Cuddle Too!


It’s cuffing season! For those of who don’t know what that means, it is a certain time of year when those who are single try to find someone to “cuff” for the duration of that season. It’s typically done in the winter time when it’s colder which makes it more sensible to have just one person to cuddle with and spend quality time with. There are hundreds of meme’s that make jokes about cuffing season, some of them include a seasonal timeline & others have funny photos.





With the start of cuffing season, it got me to thinking: is it only women who like to cuddle or do men do too? Oftentimes, it seems like it’s only us women who want to cuddle but after talking with some of my male friends, I’ve found out that this simply is not true. Men want to be held just as much as women do, if not more so. They just aren’t as vocal about it, but the longing to be held is still there. Not only do men want to be held, they want to do the holding. Having one woman by their side during the cold weather season is what they want just like we want to be held. I think the added benefit for men of is that there are usually other benefits to cuddling, like home cooked meals, the opportunity to avoid loneliness and for some that may even include physical intimacy.

There are men who want to spend quality time with someone special & who are bothered when they can’t seem to find that person. Men do get lonely & even a little bit jealous of their friends who are already “booed up”. Guys don’t particularly want to be alone during the holiday season, let alone the winter season. Yes, cuffing season is very real & men want to cuddle just as much as women do and in some cases even more so.

So, women don’t be fooled – men want to cuddle too!

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