Motivate, Mobilize & Maximize!


Now that we’ve started a new month, it’s time to get reinvigorated! If you haven’t been able to cross everything on your new year’s resolution list yet, now is the time. There are some things that you can still do to get yourself motivated to carry out those goals.

This month, here’s your challenge:

  • Commit yourself to at least 30 minutes every day for working towards your goal
  • Join with a community of people who have the same goals as you. Working with a network of people who share your goals can be inspirational
  • Share your goals with others. Accountability is key
  • Record your progress. You might be surprised at how much you’ve accomplished
  • Record your challenges. It can only help you to improve
  • After reviewing your challenges, patiently & lovingly ask yourself: What’s up with that?
  • Begin to imagine an alternative, loving, and accepting dialogue to replace any negative self-talk.
  • Think of ways to improve yourself and ask others to help you

What other things can you do to motivate yourself to carry out your goals before the year is out?!

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