Friendship Etiquette 101: Talking On The Phone When You Have Kids & Your Friends Don’t


When you have kids & your friends don’t, it can be hard to understand what it is they are going thru. I find this to be particularly tough when talking on the phone with someone who has little ones in the background. There’s always a lot of noise & commotion going on and I find it very annoying when I’m trying to have a serious conversation with someone I consider a friend.

There’s almost nothing worse than getting into a real lively conversation or sharing something juicy, all to be interrupted by a whining little kid on the other side of the phone. This has happened to me on many occasions – I start talking about something that is really important to me but then my friend interrupts me because her kid are making a fuss on her end. Instead of telling them to settle down (which is what I would do), she stops me, tends to them, comes back to me only to forget what I was saying. This makes me not want to talk to her at all. What’s the point if I’m gonna be interrupted every 2-3 minutes?

So here are some rules I’ve devised for people who have kids but still want to talk on the phone with their friends:

Move! – If you have little ones, please take your phone into a different room. Video games & cartoons were invented for a reason so there’s no need you can’t leave them in another room for 20-30 minutes for some good “girl talk”.

Use your husband – Being married means you have a life partner. A partner to depend on, help you with things and someone who loves you. So if you have extra help around the house, why not use it? Let your husband watch the kids for a minute while you’re on the phone. It’ll give him a chance to bond with his own kids & give you some time to catch up with your friends!

Start a timer – If you know your kids are napping or on their way home from school, that means you know exactly how much time you have to talk on the phone. There’s no point in calling me 10 minutes before your kids become an issue.

And last but not least,

Train your kids properly – If your child is over the age of 2 they should know better than to interrupt an adult. You may not like it, but it’s true. There’s no reason why mothers can’t teach their kids “when mommy is on the phone, leave her alone.” This way, I won’t hear a lot of ruckus in the background from your untrained child.


How many times have you been interrupted by someone’s screaming kids in the background? Were you understanding about it or did it bother you too?


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