I Met You; I Can Meet Somebody Else


One of the problems with breakups is the fear that you’ll never meet anyone else as good or even better than the person you were with. I’ve heard that men always fear that the “grass is greener” which is why they are so reluctant to settle down. Women, on the other hand, are more apt to settle down with someone they think could be a good mate because we may be fearful about meeting someone new. But as we all know, whenever you let go of something you’re always taking a chance that something better is out there (even if there isn’t).

“How long before I meet someone new? “ “

What if I don’t meet anyone else EVER?”

“What if the next person I meet is not AS GOOD as the person I’ve stopped dating?”

These types of thoughts run thru my head since it can be hard to giving up something without having anything else. Especially when it comes to dating. For me, it is so hard to find someone that I actually like so when I do & things don’t work out, it can be hard to move on to finding or meeting someone else. Compounded with the fact that it gets harder to meet quality people as you get older – it seems that everyone has baggage & the older you get, the more people have.

Whenever I commit to a relationship, I try to give it my all. When things don’t work out, I sometimes get scared because I never know if there will be someone new to take their place. But I have to constantly remind myself that if I met my ex, it means that I can meet someone else after him. After all, wasn’t my ex new-to-me at some point? Surely, if I met him, I can meet someone else.

Men, do you ever fear that it’ll be hard to meet someone brand new all over again? Women do you NOT worry about meeting someone brand new?


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