Men, You Have Three Options…


Men get on my nerves! Especially the ones that don’t act right. It’s only sometimes, of course, but still – they do. No matter what age, race or economic background there are men out there that still like to play games when it comes to dating & relationships. Some men don’t take dating seriously and will just as soon play with a woman’s heart than treat her the way he should. Especially if there’s no incentive to “act right” and treat a woman well a man can fall into the habit of not giving 100%.

So guys, you have 3 options in a relationship. You may not like any of them, but here they are –

  1. Step Up! If you do decide to date me you do need to understand my expectations. Whether we’re just dating or in an actual relationship, I need to know that you have serious intentions. I don’t like to play games nor do I have time to waste. So if you are truly interested in me and want me to know it, you need to step it up. This means if you are calling me only a few days a week, you can step it up by calling me every day. If we only go out once a week, then you should step it up & make an effort to see me at least 2-3 days a week. Getting me is one thing, keeping me is another.
  2. Step Aside! If a man is not willing to step things up, then he needs to make room for the next man to come into my life. This means swallowing your pride and putting your ego aside. It means letting me go so that you can find the woman you really want to be with, and likewise, I can meet the man that I am supposed to be with. I know it may hurt, especially when you aren’t sure about what else is out there, but if you’re not willing to Step Up! & take things to the next level with me, be a gentleman and step aside.
  3. Stay Put! This is my least favorite position because it means nothing changes. Basically it means our relationship is in a neutral position. If a man continues to treat me the way he’s always treated me & I keep fussing about it but do nothing then that means he’s okay with staying put. But why should a relationship be stagnant when it doesn’t have to be? Shouldn’t we be growing together versus not growing at all? By staying put, a man agrees to accept my treatment of him even if it’s not what he really wants to do.

So, guys, which one will it be? Are you going to step up, step aside, or stay put?


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