Parenting Isn’t Always Peachy


When people think about becoming parents, it seems that they only want to do it for selfish reasons. Reasons like:

  1. They want to continue their legacy
  2. They think they can make a good parent
  3. They love children (this can be argued as either selfish or unselfish)

Oftentimes when we fantasize about being a parent we usually think of the fun & simple things like playing with your kid in the backyard, braiding your daughters hair or watching them graduate from college. You may even think about how much they may look like you or have your ways. You may think about how your children will take care of you when you’re older or the grandchildren you may one day have. Sure, you won’t be the perfect parent but who is? Anyone who wants to be a parent knows that mistakes will be made along the way, nonetheless, they probably still think they’ll make a great parent.

People who want to be parents don’t think about the hard things. Things like what to do when your child gets suspended from school, runs off with that boy you can’t stand, is bullied or getting addicted to drugs. But why don’t adults think about those things? These are hard-core issues that can happen to anyone’s child. No one likes to think of the negative stuff, let alone have a plan for it, and I think that’s shameful. There are so many things that can go right when raising kids but in today’s society there are far more things that could go wrong. Where are people’s sensibilities when it comes to these topics? How much thought is put into what to do if something goes wrong?

Something about having the desire to be a mom or dad makes us forget about ALL of the responsibilities that come with being a parent.

If you want to have children, great. All I’m saying is, think about it holistically & that includes the negative, not just a positive.

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