He Likes Me Because I DON’T…..


I’ve written before about things that I won’t do that some men find attractive. Whether it’s the way I carry myself or the way I treat a man, I still maintain high standards for what I expect from “my man.”

But there are also certain things that I don’t do for a man, no matter how interested I am in him. I think some of these things are what causes some men to like me even more. Here are some of the things I DON’T do –

Blow his head up – We all know that men have ego’s; some bigger than others. While it’s important to let a man know how much you appreciate him, I don’t overdo it with the compliments. Men like to know that they are doing something right, especially when it’s said with sincerity.

Dress provocatively – While it’s important to dress sexy from time-to-time, dressing provocatively is not always appropriate. Knowing how to dress up, when to dress up & where to dress up, lets a man know that I have standards when it comes to how I dress myself.

I don’t agree with everything he says – While most men want to think that they are always right, a good woman won’t always agree with everything that’s said. This is especially true even when a guy is wrong. Men like to be stimulated mentally & a woman voicing her own opinion can go a long way.

I don’t allow him to make a date without planning – It’s very important that a man takes the time to plan an actual date with me. Time is valuable – both his & mine – so it’s nice to know when a man cares enough not to waste our time because he doesn’t have an idea of what to do when we go out.

I actually listen to the news – (Most) men like a smart woman. Keeping up with major news events and being able to articulate my thoughts & opinions shows a man that I have a brain and I’m not afraid to use it. Being able to hold an intelligent conversation with a man can go a long way.

Divide my attention – Whenever I go out with a man, I always turn my cell phone off/down & leave it in my purse. There is no need to even check my phone at all when I’m spending time with a man I like. My undivided attention is on the man that I’m trying to get to know & I believe that men appreciate that.

What are some things that you DON’T do for the person you’re dating?!


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