African Americans Deserve Reparations & Here’s Why…..

Chocolate Vent

A Justice Department investigation found that the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) engages in unconstitutional practices that lead to disproportionate rates of stops, searches and arrests of African-Americans, and excessive use of force against juveniles and people with mental health disabilities.

What this means is that according to CNN’s report (below) there is empirical data showing that the Baltimore Police Department has systematically discriminated against African Americans with absolutely NO repercussions for AT LEAST the past six years. This means that African Americans have been criminalized and terrorized all without just cause. A criminal record can cause job loss which leads to economic distress and other missed opportunities. It’s great that this report has been published but what is the Baltimore Police Department doing to make up for all the wrong that it has done to its residents?

This is exactly why reparations are needed within the African American community. To…

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