Benefits of Being a Stepmother (Maybe?)

step 2

Ya’ll have to help me. I’m trying to warm up to the idea of dating men who have kids. While there are MANY reasons not to bother with them (like I’ve written about before; just click on this link), I’m trying to be more “open minded”. I put this in quotes, because I don’t think being open minded means you should have to date someone you don’t want to date.

With that said, instead of focusing so much on why I don’t want to be bothered with someone else’s child(ren), I think I’ve thought of some advantages to having stepchildren.

1) I don’t have to care as much – this may sound harsh but it’s true. Just like with a niece or a nephew you can love them very much but at the end of the day you aren’t the one who is legally responsible for them.

2) Someone to help me take care of their father – one day my husband will get old & sickly. Fortunately, I won’t have to deal with taking care of an “old man” all by myself. His kids (my stepkids) will be around to help me with their dad.

3) They might like me more than their own mother – I had never really thought of this before but it is a possibility that my stepchildren think that I’m “cooler” than their own mother. Because I wouldn’t be the chief disciplinarian, they may actually want to hang out with me or even share things with me that they couldn’t share with their biological parents.

4) It’s like having “temporary kids” – Children can wear you out. That’s why parents need breaks, even from their own kids. More than likely my step kids won’t be living with me & my husband, so I will only be a stepmother part-time. I get the “joy” of being a parent, but not on a regular basis. How great is that?!

5) I can relate to so many other women who have step-parenting issues – since I would be joining a growing group of women who also have step children, I could easily commensurate with them. My opinions would carry more weight if I were in their shoes.

What am I missing? Are there any other benefits of being a stepmother?

One thought on “Benefits of Being a Stepmother (Maybe?)

  1. I am a stepmom. I’m not going to lie, it ain’t always easy, but me being there for my son has helped him. He appreciates me and has always shown me respect. Make sure the child’s parents are setting the example and showing respect towards you.

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