He Likes Me Because I Won’t…


Guys like who they like for different reasons. It could be a woman’s attitude, the way she looks or even her intellect that attracts him to her. Some men like women who are easygoing, while some men like women who play “hard to get”. Because it’s so hard to pinpoint what turns each guy on, I think it’s very important that each woman be herself & wait for the right man who appreciates her as she is. Whatever your standards may be, they should not be relaxed even if you meet someone you think could be “the one”.

Most of the men who like me do so because of how I carry myself. There is a special way I like to treat “my man” and there are certain things I do for someone that I’m interested in. There are also certain things that I won’t do for a man, no matter how interested I am in him. I think some of these things are what cause some guys to like me even more. Here are some of the things I WON’T do –

Pay for dinner – It’s been a while but I’ve talked about this before. I don’t believe women should have to pay for dates (If you want to see my reasons, just click here), and the men who take me out expect to pay. They like a woman who knows that she is to be treated, not treating.

Sleep with him – Sex with a guy can really ruin a relationship, or at the very least send it on the wrong trajectory. The longer you hold out, the more he will like you.

Call him after a certain hour – There is a certain level of respect that goes with not calling people too late at night. While it’s okay to talk throughout the evening & into the early night, “after hours” phone calls aren’t appropriate for a quality conversation.

Impress easily – Living in Los Angeles I see a lot of fancy cars and expensive suits on a regular basis. So for a man to really gain my interest, he has to come with a lot more than just material things. A woman who is not impressed by possessions means that she is into whoever she’s dating for who he is, not what he has.

Bring up my past – I never discuss ex-boyfriends. Why would I? I certainly wouldn’t want to hear about another woman or a past girlfriend, so out of respect for the man I’m seeing I don’t bring up other men that I’ve dated. Leave the past in the past.

What are some things that you won’t do for the person you’re dating?!


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